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Design For Social Good Press Statement

January 25, 2021

Press Statement for Immediate Release

Comrades and friends, enlightened youth and student activists, pundits and petty traders, ICT students, educators and professionals, International community, fellow Liberians, members of the press:

We bring you heartfelt digital revolutionary greetings with high esteem from the most conscious and prolific mother organization for all Information and Technology students in the Republic, the Liberia Information Technology Student Union (LITSU).

We use this medium to announce that Kreative Zone which Liberia’s number one graphic design company and the unbeatable Liberia Information Technology Student Union have a partner to host the first Nation graphic design Competition in Liberia called “Design for Social Good”. Someone may ask,   

What is Design for Social Good?

Design for social good is a stage based project that is structured to facilitate designers in playing a major role through community projects that create positive social impact while recruiting creative designers from all aspects of life; students and professionals.

It builds the platform that challenges young designers to come up with creative ideas/content to drive change and make a tremendous impact.

How does it work?

Design for Social Good recruits competitive designers and use their skills to tackle some critical social issues through designs.  After a creative competition between designers recruited for the project, the winner will be selected with supervision from the program team to facilitate a rigorous campaign process against a particular social issue based on the topic selected.

In keeping with the project merit-based system, Participants will be evaluated based on submitted entries. Each entry will be a product of a given social topic, an entry will be graded by the project supervisory team on the following rubrics: 

A.        Ideas and content

Entries will be evaluated based on; clear and well-defined focus on the topic given, a rich sense of detail that creates a vivid, authentic picture of both environment and action, showing knowledge and insight, and a fresh approach that holds the reader’s attention.

B.  Organization

Entries will be evaluated based on; proper introduction and conclusion that are clearly linked (maybe an explicit or implicit connection) and establish focus, sequencing of details is effective and logical, transitions effectively tie the ideas of the work together.

C.  Voice

Entries will be evaluated based on; expressing the personality of the designer; confidence and feeling are apparent. Individual, powerful commitment to the topic is obvious, connection to audience and purpose is excellent. Entry evokes strong emotion.


The Design for Social Good project targets graphic designers and animators from every work of life; students and professionals who are currently based in Montserrado. 

Range: 20-50 Designers

Expected Outcome

Design for Social Good is expected to address some major social issues through designs, by telling a story and provide professional development opportunities for designers and animators, which benefits society. For every edition, there are specific end goals that depend on the chosen topic/theme of the year.


Design for Social Good will strengthen the act of advocacy through designs and peaceful awareness hereby contributing to overall positive development of the Liberian Society.

Winner Prize: 

1st Winner is 160,000LRD

2nd Winners 80,000LRD

An internship will be provided to the winners.

On this note, we declare the application process of this competition open and you can click on this link Apply to apply for the program.

We wish all the participants best in their endeavor. 

LITSU remain Supreme.

LITSU Will never Fall

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