LITSU is a student’s organization devoted exclusively to the needs of information communication technology students who are presently enrolled in or have completed TechnologyEducation courses. It is composed of InformationCommunication Technology (ICT) students of various ICT institutions in Liberia and senior high school students in Liberia that are interested in reading information technologyafter his/her high school graduation. LITSU is supported by educators, parents, and business leaders who believe in a technologically literate society and are working hard to achieve that goal.While student organization experiences in Technology

Education date back to the mid1950s, Liberia LITSU was officially established in June 24, 2015 as a Technology union in Liberia by a purposeful young ICT student called Willie Bee Tingba, Jr. A student of the United Methodist University (UMU) and later, he encouraged student Foldestine Paye of the Blue Crest university and few other guys from various ICT institutions in Liberia to join him on the revolution. LITSU Members have the opportunity to run for elected office, assist in a community project, explore career choices, receive recognition and prestige through local and national programs with competitive events and awards, and expand their knowledge of technology and its application in today’s world. LITSU chapter activities are designed to provide an opportunity for growth and learning in the classroom, laboratory, school, and/or community. Participation in LITSU programs and activities is an integral part of Technology Education.


LITSU’s mission is to promote leadership development. To improve the quality of technology and the prosperity for the young people of Liberia through quality higher technology education that includes: teaching, research and community service. To provide equal opportunity and encouragement for women involvement in technology and personal growth in a technological society. The LISU’s program of activities and support service for student members help to carry out this mission. The LITSU’s mission is accomplished through local and national chapters.

Our Vision Statement

  1. Students will have contact with industrial and technological personnel, resources, and developments to acquire technological understanding, consumer knowledge, and competencies that lead to responsible citizenship.
  2. Students will engage in activities that allow them to be leaders and Students will plan, organize, and carry out activities and projects that contribute to an improvement in or service to the school and/or community.
  3. Students will use the free enterprise system to become aware of employment or self-employment opportunities and requirements for their use when making career choices to determine their educational programs.
  4. Students will be recognized for demonstrated understanding of technology, high standards of quality, scholarship, and safety practices.


  1. Provide ICT Awareness’s
  2. ICT Literacy Training
  3. Provide Internships
  4. Scholarships
  5. Encourage Female involvement in ICT
  6. Community service engagement


“We believe that Technology Education holds an important place in our life in the technical world. We believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation and processes of industry.” “Guided by our teachers, artisans from industry, and our own initiative, we will strive to do our best in making my school, community, and nation better places in which to live.” “We will accept the responsibilities that are ours. We will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. We will explore on our own for safer, more effective methods of working and living.” “We will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals.” “Through the work of our hands and mind, we will express our ideas to the best of our ability.” “We will make it our goal to do better each day the task before us, and to be steadfast in our belief in our God and our fellow Liberians.” 


Scarlet red represents the strength and determination of Technology Education students and teachers to obtain their goals. White represents the high standards, moral values, and religious beliefs we hold. Royal blue represents the sincerity of Technology Education students and teachers in obtaining a greater knowledge of the technological world.

Our Motto

“We Think of the future & hope for the progress through technology

The National Executive

That are on the front-line technological transformation in Liberia.

Cde.Foldestine Paye

President Of LITSU

Alecia K. Adjei

Financal Secretary

Courage J F T Chileegbo

Database Administrator



Meet Our Advisory Board Members

That are on the front-line technological transformation in Liberia.

Dr. Darren Wilkins

Luther Jeke

Josep S. Pambu

Ivan Brown

Celia Cuffy Brown

Cecilia G. Davis

Meet Our Partners

That are on the front-line technological transformation in Liberia.

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